Mountain Counseling Services
Mountain Counseling Services is approved by the Arizona Department of Health Services to provide services for DUI screenings, education and treatment, and domestic violence offender treatment. We provide screening assessments, individual counseling, and group therapy. We specialize in working with referrals from Courts, Attorneys, and Probation Officers.  Public Speaking, and expert witness for substance abuse and DV is available. We take Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance for individual appointments for substance abuse. 

Programs and Services

  • Alcohol/Drug Screening/Assessment-One hour appointment with a licensed counselor to assess consumption patterns and problems to determine if education or treatment are needed. 
  • Level II Alcohol/Drug Education Program (16 hours)  Offered in two 8 hour weekend groups.  Provides information on substance use, abuse, and addiction.  Major problems caused by substance use are addressed.  Provides information and statistics to decrease the likelihood of future substance use problems or rearrest.
  • Online Level II 16 hour DUI class allows completion at your residence 24/7, 365 days a year. Please contact the office for more information. 
  • Level I Outpatient Treatment (36-56 hours)  Consists of Level II Education and 10 or more 2 hour group therapy sessions to address alcohol/drug abuse or dependence.  Long-term abstinence is the program goal for clients charged with DUI or other substance related offenses.
  • Alcohol/Drug Education (8 hours) Alcohol/drug class is held for underage consumption and other substance related offences except DUI.  This program is for low risk referrals. 
  • Domestic Violence Assessment- Individual session to assess the frequency and severity of abuse and prepare clients to begin treatment. 
  • Domestic Violence Counseling- Program consisting of 26, 36, or 52 sessions for clients with abusive behaviors.
  • Individual Counseling- Individual Counseling is offered for general mental health, personal problems and/or relationship problems.
  • MVD evaluations- 2 hour appointment for Drivers License Reinstatment for revocations.
  • EMDR individual counseling for trauma.  Excellent for prior combat experience or victimization. 
  • Program Evaluations
  • Expert Witness Testimony 
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