Mountain Counseling Services

**Temporary closure of groups due to COVID-19 as ordered by city council.** 
Individual appointments are still being held in person or telephonically, we may have Zoom soon. 
Mountain Counseling Services
Program Schedule 2020
Other classes, programs, and groups will be scheduled as needed.
Appointments are by schedule only, no walk-ins.


8 hour Alcohol and Drug Education Class
Sunday 8:00-5:00

April 19
June 7
August 9
October 4 
December 6

Level Two 16 hour Alcohol and Drug Education Class
Saturday and Sunday 8:00-5:00

April 18-19
June 6-7
August 8-9
October 3-4
December 5-6

Domestic Violence Groups
Tuesday 5:30-7:00 (men's group)
Thursday 6:00-7:30 (men's group)

Level One Outpatient Treatment Group
Monday 5:30- 7:30
Thursday 3:00-5:00

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