Mountain Counseling Services
2018 Organization Goals
2018 Organizational Goals

1. Decrease impaired driving in Northern Arizona
2. Increase public safety
3. Decrease domestic abuse
4. Encourage clients to take responsibility for their behavior and change it
5. Provide outpatient treatment program that meets weekly
6. Provide domestic violence treatment to men
7. Strengthen referral network to Northern Arizona attorneys
8. Reduce non-compliance by 20%
9. Give to charitable organizations in Northern Arizona
10. Assist clients with MVD issues like suspensions and revocations
11. Increase referrals by 25%
12. Provide education services on substance abuse in-perso and online
13. Increase voluntary clients by 20%
14. Collaborate with Northern Arizona community agencies providing counseling and social services
15. Decrease no-show rate for individual counseling and group therapy
16. Improve healthcare
17. Increase client employment opportunities
18. Provide quick access to services
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