Professional Counseling at Affordable Rates

We accept cash, money order, or Visa card. No checks accepted. Level I treatment and DV counseling can be paid through a payment plan, where small payments are made as you attend. All individual sessions must be paid upon scheduling the appointment.

Domestic Violence Assessment $60
Domestic Violence Counseling $25 (per group)
26-Week Program $650
36-Week Program $900
52-Week Program $1300
Individual Counseling for DV $60
MVD Revocation Application for License Reinstatement $165
Individual Counseling $60 (per session)
Substance Abuse Assessments (DUI and Non-DUI) $60
Level II Alcohol/ Drug Education Program (16 Hours) $180
Level II ONLINE Alcohol/Drug Education Program $210
Level I Outpatient Treatment Program (36 Hours) $480
Intake Appointment for Level I Referrals $30
Transfer Intake $30
Exit Appointment $30
Alcohol/Drug Education Class (8 Hours) $90
Expert Witness Court Testimony $225 (per hour)
Preparation for Expert Witness Testimony $175 (per hour)