Programs & Services

Get the Help You Need for Your Substance Abuse Problems

Mountain Counseling Services is approved by the ADHS to provide screenings, treatment, and education to people who’ve experienced substance abuse. Our professional counselors can give excellent individual and group therapy sessions. Additionally, we specialize in working with referrals from courts, attorneys, and probation officers.

Alcohol and Drug Screening/Assessment

A one-hour appointment with a licensed counselor to assess a client’s consumption patterns and other problems to determine what action is needed. The results from this service are used as the basis for recommending a person for education or treatment.

Level II Alcohol/Drug Education Program

This program is offered in two 8-hour weekend group sessions. It educates people about substance use, abuse, and addiction. Major problems caused by substance use are addressed. It also provides information and statistics to decrease the likelihood of future substance use problems or DUI rearrests.

Online Level II 16 Hour DUI Class

A service that allows the completion of your legally required DUI classes at your residence 24/7, 365 days a year. It is ideal for people who may have issues attending their classes due to specific circumstances like physical disabilities or scheduling conflicts.

Level I Outpatient Treatment

This program consists of Level II Education and 10 or more 2-hour group therapy sessions to address alcohol/drug abuse or dependence. Long-term abstinence is the program goal for clients charged with DUI or other substance-related offenses. The average length for this program is between 36 to 56 hours.

Alcohol/Drug Education

A class held for underage consumption and other substance-related offenses except for DUIs. This program is for low-risk referrals and lasts for 8 hours.


MVD Revocation Applications

A 1-hour and 30-minute appointment for driver's license reinstatement for revocations. MVD Revocation Applications may be approved or denied based on client choices with alcohol and drug use.

EMDR Individual Counseling for Trauma

Ideal for clients with prior combat or victimization experience. Our counselor will work together with you to address issues and create ways to handle triggers when they happen.


Expert Witness Testimony

Our counselors can offer their official opinions on substance and domestic abuse to court cases and other legal proceedings. We will display impartiality towards the case to ensure the entire process is fair.

Professional Help Is Just a Phone Call Away

Get in touch with our office today to set up an appointment with one of our professional counselors. We are glad to help you recover from your negative experiences.